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Stay up there folks to share what you feel! Mingle with minds which has similar thoughts running through. Discuss everything that ceases you and explore the world better. So why do you wait? Go ahead and get yourself signed up with Confers. Create or simply join in anonymous conferences calls. There may be times when we have to mask our faces but not your thoughts to stay authentic!

Go Anonymous


Hey! Its time to open the secret scrolls and read it out aloud! Have you ever had anything in your mind and hesitated in speaking up? Unlock it here and resolve the quest without revealing your identity! The gap between the urge and our anxiety of what others might think leaves us back in the dark. Feel brave to ask and share things and redeem yourself from being judged by others! Remain anonymous and endure to be emphatic!

Get Started...

Simply install CONFERS app from Google play store (iOS version will be coming soon). All that one requires to provide is demographical information such as year of birth, area of interest, postal code and country name.

Something nagging you… post an invite and talk about it…

Anonymous – that means No history… No judging

Listen to how others react

Get a better understanding…

Are you a good listener… or test your listening skills… or genuinely interested to help someone…

It takes a conscious effort to NOT judge people…

Listen into the conversations… help or contribute when requested…

Learn to empathize…
Why anonymous? – it helps many to open up... Is this one of those counseling app? No, Not at all.
“Let us use our time wisely, let us understand the world around us … not influenced by the bombarding useless digital junk …”

How Does It Work ?


Download & Install

Install the CONFERS app from Google play store (iOS version will be coming soon)


Join and Speak your mind

Start the app … review the terms & conditions ... proceed if you agree


Get Started

Provide non-identifying information year of birth, area of interest, postal code and country. This is a onetime setup.

Select the conference you would like to join
Accepted conference invites
Conference invites you created       
Join a conference:
•  Stay cool, you need not remember the scheduled conferences forget it, we will remind you!
•  On accepting the invite a notification will pop up with a Join button before the conference starts.
•  Simply press the Join button to join the conference.
•  The number of participants joined can be viewed once after joining the conference. Here you go greet and Speak Up!
Create a conference invite:
•  Go New Invite, provide the details, a good description will help others determine if they want to join. Audience genuinely interested in the topic will help to have a healthy discussion…
•  Select a convenient date and time…
•  A notification will pop up with a Join button at the start time…
•  The number of participants accepted the invite can be viewed once the conference is created.

Download & install Confers now

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